Partner Team

  • Mr. Li Yuhui Founding Managing Partner, Chairman

    Mr. Li Yuhui has been theForbes China Top 100 Venture Capitalists for the last 6 consecutive years. He has over 25 years of experience in Chinas VC industry, with a long track record on investing in sci-tech innovation. He founded Panlin Capital in 2010 and established Panlin's investment strategy, which focuses on early to mid-stage?healthcare and?to B& tech investments, and achieved an outstanding performance.

    Mr. Li is in charge of investing in early stage healthcare companies such as Kangtai Bio (300601), Hybribio (300639), Ribo Life Science, Virogin, Endocell,and NuProbe.? Mr. Li also invests in early stage enterprise-service providers such as Passiontec (fully acquired by Meituan), Ruiyun Cold Chain?,Easy-Logic Technology?and PPIO. He ?has invested in growth stage companies such as Toread (300005), Eastern Pioneer (603377), BGE (603588), Sun Shine (acquired by Hong Kong Royal Group (002329)) and XGimi Technology (688696).

    Before founding Panlin Capital, Mr. Li had worked over 10 years in top-tier Chinese investment banks, such as Junan Securities and Guotai Junan Securities, where he accumulated experience in investment banking and team management. Prior to his investment banking career, he worked as a CAD developer in a large SOE for three years.

    Mr. Li holds a bachelors degree of mechanical engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, a masters degree of Economics (Finance Major) from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, and an EMBA degree from Tsinghua University.

  • 薛孟軍 Mr. Xue Mengjun Managing Partner

    Mr. Xue Mengjun ,who possesses over 20 years of investment experience in Chinese capital markets and investment banking, joined Panlin Capital in 2011, with responsibilities for investment management and risk management.

    He has led the investments of Shenogen, YZYBio, Kingstron Bio, ANTAI KANGCHENG, Chipanalog ,DREAM( merged by Fuchun Technology 300299), Qujing hazardous wastes, Filtering Garden, etc. And he currently serves as a director of Chipanalog , a star enterprise in domestic RF chip industry , which was led by him in Pre-A and gain multiple rounds investments in its following financing.

    With rich operational experience and practical ability ,Mr. Xue Mengjun is familiar with corporate governance, especially in the field of mergers and acquisitions. He began his career in ABC Capital which is a well-known investment bank, and later served as Deputy GM of the IBD of Jianqiao Security. He has led the merger and acquisition of? HU CHANG SPECIAL STEEL(600665),? Chengdu Hualian Business Building(000593), dongeejiao (000423),Yili(600887),Jinfeng Investment(600606),GANSU?CHANGFENG( 000552),SHANXI CHANGLING( 000561), etc.

    Mr. Xue Mengjun graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, holds BA degree in economics and CPA.

  • 劉雨衡 Mr. Liu Yuheng Partner

    Mr. Liu Yuheng is the co-founder of Panlin Capital, with over 15 years of investment management experience.

    He has led the investments of SHENGSHI JIAOYANG(merged by Royal Group 002329), JIMI(688696),Iris, AOSSCI(amalgamated with TERRAFUGIA), Happy Cycle and 3N tech, etc. He currently serves as a director of Iris, Happy Cycle and 3N tech.

    Prior to?Panlin Capital, Mr. Liu Yuheng served as an assistant president of APAC RESOURCES(HK1104), GM of Ningbo Huazhou Mining Investment, senior investment manager of CICF Finance Group successively.

    Mr. Liu Yuheng graduated from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and University of Stirling, holds BA and ME degrees in economics, and a EMBA from Peking University.

  • Mr. Tan Huidong Partner, Supervisor

    Mr. Tan Huidong possesses 20 years of experience in asset management and securities investment who is the co-founder of Panlin Capital.

    Mr. Tan Huidong has been involved in the investment ofBioKangTai(300601), Hybribio(300639),ANTAI KANGCHENG, BG Environment(603588),Filtering Garden , etc. And he currently serves as a observer of the directors of Hybribio(300639)and ANTAI KANGCHENG, member of executive Management Committee of JiaYu and supervisors of Filtering Garden.

    Prior to Panlin Capital, He was successively in charge of investment management in EBtrust, EBsecurities, Beijing Capital Futures,experienced in domestic capital market, especially secondary market.

    Mr. Tan Huidong received a bachelor's degree in Economics from East China Normal University.

  • 陳利人 Mr. Chen Liren Venture Partner

    Member of the Expert Advisory Committee for Technology Supervision of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Chief Scientist of Wuzhen Think Tank

    Mr. Chen Liren is a successful serial entrepreneur,co-founding Hubat, by 【SINA】), Passiontec(merged by Meituan-M【03690】 ),SHUZHI.AI(Acquired by MeTeno(300038) ) as a CTO. He also successively served as the engineering director of Vivisimo(merged by IBM), technical leader and senior engineer of USA Google, CTO of Panguso, head of Mobile Search of Qihoo 360 Technology.

    Mr. Chen Liren holds BS and CS degrees from Tsinghua University, and then holds a MS in CS from Carnegie Mellon University.


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